Welcome to BindleSnitch

Why BindleSnitch?  The last thing we need is another social media outlet, right?

BindleSnitch isn’t really another social media website, although it has been and can be used that way.

BindleSnitch is really a publishing platform that enables you to produce professionally designed articles with a minimum of effort that you can then drop into any – or all – of the social media outlets that you use for your work.

Here’s what you get when you use BindleSnitch to create your posts:

  • A full-featured word processor that gives you full control over the formatting of your projects, with 12 major font families, multiple font sizes, bolding, italics, underlining, and strike-throughs, something you don’t get on any social media platform.
  • You can also control the color of the background and the color of the text, both at the same time, or even a combination of text color background color, bolding, italics, underlining, and strike-throughs. You can’t do this on any other social media platform!
  • Bulleted and numbered lists with proper indentations. (You’re looking at one right now.)
  • Indents and outdents
  • Multiple hyperlinks (social media sites only allow you one.)
  • Charts and tables
  • The ability to insert multiple images exactly where you want them to appear, complete with captions and credits.
  • Inline footnotes that appear as popups when requested at the point where the footnote is relevant so that readers don’t have to slide down to the end of the article to read the footnotes. (Touch here to see this functionality.)
  • This is the same text editor that we use to create the pages that you see on Bindle…but you never get that functionality on other platforms. 
  • Automatic archival storage of your published articles FOREVER.
  • Automatic and unquestioned copyright protection because you have already secured your copyright by saving your work on BindleSnitch…and we won’t ever use your work without your permission or not crediting your work properly.
  • You also get a community of other content creators who are committed to promoting each other’s work to their individual networks – synergy in action in the real world.
  • Best of all, when there are profits to share, you will get a share of the profits that BindleSnitch earns (after overhead and operating expenses are deducted) equal to the amount of traffic your posts have drawn each month…and your older articles continue to earn dividends for as long as you remain an active member of the site.


We’re not going to lie. There IS  a learning curve, no doubt about that, but what you get in exchange for that expenditure of effort is the ability to format your work to highlight your content with the details that make your ideas jump off the screen (or the page) and into the minds of your readers, making a more lasting impression. 


There are complaints all over the internet about how social media sites are inappropriately censoring their users because the algorithms cannot understand sarcasm, satire, or rhetoric, for that matter.  The problem here is that those who don’t wish to spend time in Facebook Jail or get booted from Twitter are self-censoring.

Freedom of speech is an absolute necessity for a democratic society. Paradoxically, freedom of speech when taken to its illogical extreme becomes poisonous to democracy.

At BindleSnitch, we don’t use algorithms to impose censorship on our users. We couldn’t afford them if we wanted to use them…but that’s all right because we don’t want to use them. At BindleSnitch, real live, accountable human beings – the members and users of the site – make those decisions.

Anyone can challenge anyone on BindleSnitch….but we are going to be extremely conservative (not in a political sense) about imposing restrictions on free speech from either the left or the right.

But here is the best part. Yes, we know that the automated censors can follow your links to the articles they represent, but that adds an order of magnitude to the workload for the algorithms which, hopefully, will bog them down some.

Here’s the kicker:  Those “AI  algorithms” that everyone is so concerned about are really nothing more than web crawlers with delusions of grandeur…and there is a way to prevent web crawlers from crawling your website…and Bindlenitch has that functionality installed out of the box.


Plagiarism is rampant online and in real life. Anyone can copy anything you have posted on other social media sites and re-use your content. We can’t do much about real-life plagiarism, but we have installed copyright protection that makes it much more difficult (but not, alas, impossible) for someone to copy your work and reuse it elsewhere.  By the way, we do not claim any rights to your work. Your work is your work, not ours. (10/27/2022: We have removed the copy protection scheme temporarily while we come up with a fix that will enable members to copy and paste from each other’s articles for legitimate usage.)


Join BindleSnitch and use our functionality to keep in touch with your “friends and followers” on social media. Just drop links to your BindleSnitch articles into your social media postings to connect your friends and followers to the work you post here. 


But we don’t want to blow smoke up your nose. BindleSnitch has been around for a long time in various formats but it has never caught on with users because we have no funds with which to promote the site to the public.

Anyone can comment on anything posted on BindleSnitch, but various technical and legal constraints force us to limit the number of MEMBERS to no more than 100 members, so be wise and be an early bird. (We hope to expand that number, but let’s get there first.)

If you bring your friends and followers along, and everyone else does, one hundred contributing members could generate tens of thousands of views for each other’s articles…generating traffic which generates the profits into which you may dip your beaks. 

Why BindleSnitch?  WHY NOT?

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