Reasons to Join BindleSnitch

  • Collectively owned and operated
  • Advertiser supported: no fees or paywalls
  • Free to  join - free to read
  • Net profits distributed to contributors
  • Distributions based on page views
  • Retain full copyrights on your work
  • Freely re-post anywhere you want
  • Actual human beings provide real-time help
  • Unified construction: everyone see everything
  • Spam-proof systems protect your work

Request an Invitation to Join BindleSnitch

This two step enrollment system is designed to frustrate spammers by preventing them from invading BindleSnitch with bogus registrations and loading up the website with equally bogus content. This step is easy. Just fill out the form and click on the submit button. You will receive a return email with a link to the actual signup form. If you do not receive an invitation within 24 hours, please CLICK HERE to contact us directly.

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