A Question about Ordering Comments

Now that I have regained control over the editing function, I  want to raise the question of the order in which comments are presented.  I have gone back and forth between “most recent first” and “oldest first” and I would like your feedback on this question.

In the process  of trying to keep you all up to date on the status of the website, I realized that I was very annoyed by the fact that my announcement that we have regained the ability to edit the structure of the pages came at the end of the comment thread on the last community update because it seemed to me that there was no reason to believe that everyone would scroll down to see it, which makes me think that “most recent first” works better than “oldest first.”

If I recall correctly, I switched the comment order to oldest first in response to a complaint from Safe Bet’s Amy.

Please comment on your preferences.

I am also going to transfer this thread to a new category of “Bindlesnitch” (without the asterisks) so that I can create a page where all of the community updates can be gathered together.


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