BindleSnitch Housekeeping Update

Before Ron died, he offered – several times – to help me foot the cost of maintaining BindleSnitch.  I declined because it didn’t seem fair to charge him since he was – before Bitey came back – the only one posting here for awhile.

I have been unhappy with how the site looks for quite awhile, but it has been so long since I have tinkered with it that I no longer remember how to do the things I want to do and I don’t want to hire anyone to do it for me because I will hate whatever they do.

One thing that has annoyed the hell out of me has been the font size of the body type, feeling that it was too small and too light, so I messed around last night and somehow or other managed to get the look I wanted.

If you don’t like the look, you can override my look by highlighting the entire text of the post and then changing the point size, the font, or bolding or unbolding the text. Takes only a few seconds.

However, there is one thing you can all do for me.  STOP USING TAGS for anything other than your byline. The way this site is set up, the tags do absolutely nothing….except enabling me to set up user pages for each active user because that sorting system can be done with tags. Bitey, I’m looking at you here.

Once upon a time, tags were supposed to attract search engines. I never saw any evidence of that. Clicks beget clicks and just about nothing else does, inmy opinion.

I still struggle with the idea of shutting this thing down….and sooner or latedr that will happen when I kick off….but the site will keep going as long as someone pays the $40 a month and remembers to renew the domain name once a year. I am going to send you all the information about where to pay those bills. Not expecting anyone to pay them now, but if you want this thing to stay open when I have left the building, you can.

There are no serious health issues on my immediate event horizon. A little high blood pressure, a little too much sugar, a little too much fat. In other words, the afflictions of old age….but I’m a worrier, so…..