Boomers in This New Moment

Perhaps the young ones will succeed, not on guns alone but on a range of critical social justice issues. I do hope so.

Still, while some are implying this is, as to the span of recent generations, this is no zero-sum, no need to speak and write as if Boomers (and those cohorts between then and now) were/are failed for not having created enough lasting Good.

As to Boomers, we were spot-on as to Vietnam, wholly so on Civil Rights, raised up environmental justice, nuclear weapons and energy, and later (some of us earlier), most of us were clear on the centrality to American justice of women’s and LGBT citizens’ equality under law.

Yet, and despite what we then rightly sensed and now know of marijuana’s benefits, far too many were foolishly wrong on drugs.

Batting .833’s pretty fair and we’re hardly done and pleased to work with young activists; I am, myself, hardly finished.