Community Update: Ron is in Rehab

Kosh managed to connect with Ron via telephone. According to the comment Kosh attached to the post about Ron, he’s in rehab for an undiagnosed neurological disorder and has lost the use of his hands, which sounds pretty terrible to me.

However, when I tried to look up Ron’s phone number in the user database, I discovered that someone has redesigned the user profile page format so that it no longer has a data field for a phone number. This means that I no longer have anyone’s phone number.

That’s another annoying sign of the times. Most of the software packages that I use on a regular basis have been redesigned, apparently by AI functionalities, and the results have been universally worse than the previous designs.  The rapid deployment of AI functions is apparent in the previous sentence. Grammarly has recently started suggesting much more invasive changes including an instruction to break up the second sentence in this paragraph for no good reason. I routinely ignore all of Grammarly’s “suggestions” in the belief that homogenizing the English language will do us no good at all.

So, the information is that Ron is still with us, but that I can no longer contact anyone by phone should that become necessary. There isn’t even any place to store a phone number, so I would have to build a separate database for that function.