Israel’s Unique Obligation to Vulnerability

I say this as a Jew and as a Zionist who believes Mr Netanyahu’s right-wing government has long outlived its usefulness to Israel, to the world.   I address here those urging that Israel ditch what they view as as intransigence prior to the region’s accepting Israel’s legitimacy.     It’s stunning that otherwise bright people want to make of Israelis a unique exception to the historic truth that when national populations feel increased physical safety, they tend to vote and otherwise act with less fear, more tolerance for risk, that when a people senses life’s routinely dicey they’re far less likely to experiment.    That these people do consistently demand that Israel be our sole, one-off exception to an undeviating rule of history, should tell rational people that those folks, at bottom, think that Israelis, (and Jews) haven’t a call on national security as all other national populations have had and strive for now.   Apparently Israelis alone have a prior obligation to make themselves continually vulnerable.   Bigotry makes otherwise intelligent people flat-out foolish.