New Year’s Revolution

While having a casual back and forth with Suzanne about my Uncle MAGA, I was reminded of a pre-Jan 6th meeting I had with him, and a bunch of his friends.  

Uncle M used to throw a tailgate at O.S.U. home games, before we moved out of Ohio.  Uncle M used to love to introduce me to his buddies as his former L.A.P.D. nephew.  He beamed with far more pride than it was worth.  On one of these occasions, I was introduced to a stock broker colleague of his.  This broker was attending with 4 of his brothers.  

These meetings evolve (or descend) into regular, he-man, tough guy stuff that these guys love, love, love to get into.  This particular conversation started on a popular subject among these weekend he-men, guns.  Oh, my heavens do they love discussing guns with a former LAPD officer.  From the officer’s perspective, (mine), it is like being a gynecologist, and all the party guests want to talk about is porn.  You run out of ways to say…, you know, its not like that.  But, you’re a guest, and you indulge and try not to judge…outwardly.

In this particular conversation, one of the brothers mentioned that he owned five AR-15s, one for each member of his family.  My personal view of those weapons, which I have ample experience with from my time in the USMC, is that they should not be owned by civilians.  Inside my head I was screaming, but I calmly, snarkily said to him, “what are you doing, planning a rebellion?”  Eyes shifted side to side among the brothers, and he said to me, “home protection.”  Then he added, “I can shoot someone from 200 yards.”  I said to him, If you shoot someone from more than about 15 feet, you will go to prison.  That isn’t self defense.  You have other options at that distance.  Then he said something cryptic about the collapse of society, and there being no laws.  That’s when I said to myself…Ohhhhh, I’m taking to Dr. Prepper.  

A month or two later was when Jan 6th happened.  I have no reason to believe that these gents were involved or even present in my new town when that occurred, but Jan 6th came as quite a shock to me, as it did to many here and around the world.  And, looking back at that tailgate through a Jan 7th lens, I can see that we are bumping shoulders with an alternate reality all the time.  I see one AR-15 in the hands of a civilian as a potential disaster.  This chap has five!  

I suppose this story has no point, but it came to mind when Suzanne commented about Uncle M, and guys like him.  In my mind I saw him among friends, and BAM!  Suddenly five G.I. Tom, Dick, and Harrys are making plans for the toppling of democracy…while smoking Monte Cristos.  Or…so it seems.