Publishing Ron Powell’s Essays?

Friends, I need some feedback from you.

I have been looking at Ron Powell’s collected essays and thinking, “There’s a book in here.”

(For those of you who don’t know, Ron passed away early in November. For those who did not know him, Ron was a mainstay on Open Salon and later took up residence at BindleSnitch where he was the most frequent contributor.)

Ron left a tremendous body of work behind. He also put a tremendous amount of time and effort into his writing. I don’t know where else he published it, but he made BindleSnitch his personal website by virtue of the number, length, and variety of subject matters he addressed. There were times when I was frankly annoyed with him about the sheer volume of his input…and that sheer volume is the problem anyone would face when attempting to curate his work as I am now thinking of doing, while wondering what to leave in, what to leave out.

Technically, of course, BindleSnitch has an absolute right to republish anything published on the site, but this is me and I would not do that without the approval of Ron’s heirs and assigns. By the same token, I would not want to make a profit off another man’s dreams,sso the net profits after expenses. should go wherever Ron’s heirs and assigns and if that turns out to be into their pockets, that will be okay with me.

The thing is that this will be a massive project and I will need help. How should it be organized? Chronologically or according to subject matter, or both. I can’t do this alone. Most of you knew Ron better than I did, especially since I have been a mostly absent landlord these past few years.

Eventually, sooner or later, Bindle is going to fold. Either I  won’t be able to keep covering the costs or I will die and there will be no one else to take up the slack. (My son might be induced to maintain the site technically, but he’s not an editor of any kind, so he would ignore the content, just as he has all these years.)

So, what do you all think? Do we let Ron’s work evaporate into the background noise of the internet?  Do we publish only the articles or do we include the comments (which would make it a very, very big book), and we do leave out some of Ron’s snippier snippets or include the warts with the flowers?

I’m not contemplating a physical book. I have Bob Dylan’s collected lyrics sitting on my TV table. It’s huge. The type face is tiny. It’s impossible o read because of the sheer size and weight of it (Think Guttenberg Bible, because I am sure  that’s exactly what Bob was thinking about when he designed that book.)

No, I am only thinking about a Kindle Book, or a series of them.

I can’t do this alone. Any volunteers? Opinions? Advice?

Don’t be crickets.