Putin’s Bluff

The U.S. and NATO should call Putin’s bluff re the ostensible threat to invade Ukraine….

Putin knows that Russia cannot survive a war with the United States with the backing and support of NATO.

The ultimatum should read something like this:

Invade Ukraine and we will wipe Russia off the face of the earth. And then, come after YOU!

Putin is an egotistical bully who, like all bullies, will wither in the face of superior strength, power, and force.

When playing poker, I can often win hands by going ‘all in’ against big bettors who try to exert control of the game by bullying players of lesser bravado into folding their hands….

I am successful with the ‘all in’ gambit because I’m good at reading the bullies’ frame of mind and lack of appetite for confrontation.

The other reason why I’m successful with the tactic is that I’m used to being broke.

The bullies don’t want to lose any money to the old black guy who looks like the kind of player who will win the pot and quit the game with their money in his pocket, thus depriving them of the chance  of recovery.

Their egos won’t allow it. .

Putin is looking for an opening, an excuse or an opportunity to cross the border….

A Biden faux pas, or perhaps a NATO false move/start….

He’s trying to create enough pressure to cause the slip up that he will then use as the justification to move as the West folds…

However, if we become proactive and go ‘all in’, I’m certain that Putin doesn’t want to risk everything he has with no chance of recovery.

If we don’t have the stomach for this kind of stuff, we shouldn’t be in the game in which case, Putin’s bluff wins…