Race Card

      Are you as sick as I am with racists trying to dodge exposure of their bigotry when we raise it up, calling that “playing the race card”, as if pointing to prejudice and its damage is worse than racism itself? 

     I’m sure as hell sick  of it.  

     I raise it up today because while the bigots who wag their filthy fingers at us telling us not to play the so-called race-card…they’d like us, many, to imagine that having a black president obviates racism, New York Times writer Amanda Cox points to these poisonous facts. Ms. Cox writes that the attitudes we roundly condemn in, say people such as Clippers soon-not-to-be owner, Donald Sterling, those attitudes are not, as many would like to think, confined to those with, owing to age, calcified brains.

     Racism is still far more common than many imagine. Quite a lot more than handfuls of whites still voice horrid stereotypes. 

          .Just under half of white Americans think racial discrimination will always exist…not just racial animus and prejudice active discrimination. 

          .Just under 30% think it’s ok to discriminate based on race when  selling their home.

          .Over 20% won’t live where half the residents are black.

          .Over a fifth think interracial marriage should be illegal even though the  Supreme Court threw out those disgusting miscegenation bans in 1967.

          .40% think  whites work harder.

          .Nearly half think African-Americans lack motivation to work out of poverty. 

          .Over a third think blacks should have to get out of public spheres when  told they’re not wanted.

The numbers are from a March, 2013 CBS News poll..


      In the mid-1960s ‘Ebony’ published a ground-breaking article, THE WHITE PROBLEM IN AMERICA.

     There’s been progress.

     Think, too, on this:  Memorial Day? Know who started it? Memorial Day was begun by African-Americans, all of them former slaves, on May 1, 1865, less than a month after the illegal rebellion was justly crushed, started in Charleston to honor 257 dead Union Soldiers who had been buried in a mass grave in a rebel prison camp. They dug up the bodies and worked for weeks to give them proper burial. They then held a parade of 10,000 led by 2,800 Black children; they marched, sang, celebrated.


      To hell with filthy finger-pointing people admonishing us not to “play the race-card”.

     We still have a white problem in America and those filthy finger-pointers are it.