Rape Accusations, LGBT “Choice”, and Emotional Dimwits


In a discussion about rape, assault, and attitudes about them, a writer asked: 

 “When have you known a woman to benefit in any lasting way from accusing a man of rape? What would be the motivation to risk undermining one’s life, knowing full well how much scrutiny, innuendo and lies they are likely to be subjected to?”


      This excellent question puts me in mind of another, one I less often now have to ask, to those who as yet insist that sexual/gender identity is a choice. 


Why would anyone choose to live a life of possible if not probable social condemnation, living in social and professional shadows, choose a life of ginding discrimination?     

     The possible answers are two:  

. lgbt people do not, in fact, choose their orientation, or

. lgbt people are, and fairly well all of them and everywhere, plain insane.       

     Neither explanation makes sense. 

     That many men imagine that the accuser in rape/assault situations points her finger lightly, that the societal sanctions for making the accusations of rape and assault are relatively mild ones and do not come with extraordinary sadness and genuine risk, familial, social, professional risk and consequence…also makes no sense.

      For those risks and consequences are profound and lasting and men who don’t grasp this are emotional and cultural dimwits, having no place in substantive policy debate. 

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