Refugees and Racism

As if being forced to become a refugee fleeing from war isn’t psychologically and emotionally traumatic enough:

Afro-Ukrainians or Black Ukrainians (Ukrainian: Афроукраїнці, Ukrainian: Темношкірі Dark-skinned), are Ukrainians of Sub-Saharan African descent, including Black people who have settled in Ukraine and their mixed race children. Black Ukrainians are multi-lingual, knowing both Russian and Ukrainian in addition to their native languages, and are aware of the cultural conflict in Ukraine between the Ukrainian and Russian languages.[1][2][3] The population of Afro-Ukrainians is rather small and is mostly concentrated in the major cities of Ukraine. ——Wikipedia

Here’s a pictorial presentation, and a brief compilation of reports on the plight of black and brown Ukranians who now must fight for the right to leave the country they call home and become refugees of Putin’s war against Ukraine.

“Anti-Black racism is upending easy narratives about the exodus from Ukraine”

The Washington Post

‘”Open the door or we die’: Africans report racism and hostility trying to flee Ukraine”

NBC News

“Ukraine’s Refugees of Color Are Facing Racism, Violence”


There’s much more on this story. Google the topic and read on.

So, here’s a question:

Is there any situation, circumstance, or condition that will cause white people to stop being white?