Russia Says It’s Begun Pulling Back Some Troops From Around Ukraine

“Of course Putin’s going to invade. He’s not irresponsible enough not to.”  Koshersalaami

New York Times, February 15, 2022

The Defense Ministry’s announcement was the most concrete sign yet that Russia might be trying to de-escalate the military standoff on the Ukrainian border, but it was far from clear that the threat of war had passed.

Russia says some troops are returning to their bases, but other large-scale military drills continue.

MOSCOW — Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Tuesday that some troops deployed from military districts bordering Ukraine were being loaded onto trains and trucks and sent back to their garrisons, a tentative sign that Russia could be stepping away from the threat of an invasion.

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My elation may be a bit premature however, ‘hope springs eternal’.

So here’s the question:

Does this New York Times report indicate that Putin may be willing to act irresponsibly and back away from invading Ukraine?