Skeptics, Cynics, Pecksniffian Bums

A Skeptic, because she believes that everything Good and Evil is possible, acts; a Cynic believes that almost no Good is ever really possible and so tends toward inertia.

Skeptics tend to act even knowing that Good is often a long shot, try their best to be creative, to up the odds for Good outcomes. We tend to be happy people.

Cynics, because they think doers are largely wasting their time and money (theirs, others’) tend to sit and watch, rest smug on their pecksniffian bums , and itch to be able to say Told. You. So. They are, largely, not happy.

A Cynic’s position, that he’s just realistic, is a shallow, defensive cave to his lack of imagination, to his moral and intellectual sloth.

Be a Skeptic.

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