“The Women’s Micro-Chip Implant Act”

     Now that the “Protective-Trans-Vaginal-Ultrasound-for-Under-Age-Female-Citizens Act” has met with Senate approval, Republican leaders have announced that the “Women’s-Micro-Chip-Implant Act” will likely be brought forward in the next term. 

     The “Women’s Micro-Chip-Implant Act” provides what one Republican believes, “…is a somewhat more certain method by which civil and religious authority may better monitor women from their earliest fecund years… their predispositions toward sexuality that may not bear the prior sanction or imprimatur of their fathers, priests, rabbis, ministers, and so on.”

     The sub-dermal implant law, argues supporters, “maintains the crucial element of choice” in that girls and women ten and older may decide to have the chip implanted vaginally or in an arm. “Of course, girls younger than ten-years-old,” one sponsor went on, “must have the device trans-vaginally implanted because they are simply too immature for the serious responsibility that the choice confers on a woman. Over time, then, all females will be trans-vaginally implanted.”

     As you may have read, the Micro-Chip registers each instance of female sex and transmits the information to state data-banks and to one national data-bank, as well as to “companies with an interest in women’s health and cosmetics”. The Health Committee chairman explains this as a safeguard for women in that “if the number of sexual acts a girl or a woman has, say, is recorded in a flawed manner by her state  —  I hasten to say that the technology is really very sound but we are determined to be fair while conceding that the technology is rather new —  and the state levies upon her the fine and/or follows through on the sentence required by law, it is important that the national data-base and the corporations serve as a check, as a backstop.”

     While it’s true that the chip in its current state of development cannot distinguish between sex between a man and a woman, sex between two women, and what one Senate aide referred to as  “self-pleasuring”, the Health Committee has enlisted the National Institutes of Health to refine the process and, the aide goes on, “we are hopeful for a breakthrough in the near term.”

     He added, “The fact that females may have to undergo a second implant, or a third, or more, as the science moves forward, is something we have anticipated; there ought to be little concern, particularly for women who maintain self-control.”

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