Who Watches the Watchers…and Who Watches Them?

I keep wondering why the Capitol Police did not open fire on the rioters when they breached the perimeter. That is the standard operating procedure in such situations but as far as I have been able to determine, only one shot was fired, killing a rioter.
I cannot believe that the Capitol Police Officers voluntarily allowed themselves to be pummeled by a mob if they were armed. If that one shot had not been fired, I would have wondered whether the Capitol police officers actually had any ammunition.
My conclusion is that they were either told not to fire on the rioters or they didn’t have the ammunition to do so, but who would do that?
The only people who would have had the authority to issue those instructions would be the Sergeant at Arms of the Senate, the Sergeant at Arms of the House, and the Chief of the Capitol Police Department.
The Sergeant at Arms of the Senate is elected to his position by the Senate and reports to the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, currently Mitch McConnell. The Sergeant at Arms of the House of Representatives is elected by the House members and reports to the Speaker of the House, currently Nancy Pelosi.
This operating structure makes it impossible for either the House or the Senate to issue unilateral instructions through the Chief to the uniformed force. Therefore, they must have agreed to issue joint commands, if any commands were issued.
The Capitol police force officers were at risk of losing their lives. One did. Under those circumstances, there would have been spontaneous acts of self-defense by the uniformed officers, unless they were forbidden to use deadly force. I cannot believe that only one officer discharged a weapon during the entire incident unless they were ordered not to fire and, even then, I fail to understand why the officers being attacked did not use deadly force to protect themselves.
The chief of the Capitol police departments and both Sergeants at Arms have resigned
Perimeter Penetration Operations
So far, there have been two reports of armed individuals with bogus credentials attempting to penetrate the security perimeter.
This is called “testing the perimeter.” This is a technique used by would-be assassins during the planning of assassinations to test the “hardness” of the perimeter around the target and determine what it would take to reach the target.
The SAME technique is also used those charged with protecting “high-value” targets, using an unknown person with instructions to attempt to penetrate the perimeter established around high-value targets.
One of the people who were caught tryi9ng to penetrate the perimeter was driving around with an unregistered handgun, five hundred rounds of ammunition for that specific handgun, and 21 shotgun rounds.
No one travels around with 500 rounds of ammunition for a nefarious purpose because those bullets are almost useless unless they are housed in magazines designed for that particular firearm. No mention was made about the presence of multiple magazines. The fact that the subject of this investigation does not appear to have had multiple magazines argues against his being a serious assassin.
The 21 rounds of shotgun ammunition are another matter. Shotgun rounds can be used to create a diversion by putting the rounds into several paper bags, one inside the other. Lighting the outer bag causes the inner bags to catch fire, eventually cooking off the shotgun rounds. This creates a diversionary effect that can draw sentries away from their posts. The planting of two live pipe bombs, one outside the Republican National Headquarters and one outside the Democratic Party’s National headquarters was evidently another attempt to create a distraction
It worked. Capitol Police and Metropolitan Police Force members were drawn away from their primary assignments to investigate the pipe bombs.
Obviously, I have no way of telling from this distance whether the subject of this investigation is a probe for an assassination team, or a test of the security measures, or simply a stupid idiot in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Now, we are being told that the FBI is vetting all 25,000 National Guard Troops who have been brought to Washington DC from all over the United States. It is being reported that there are Guardsmen from all 50 states involved in the security operation around the Capitol, which means that there are 25,000 National Guardsmen who are not at their usual duty stations or in readiness for active duty in their home states
Assassinations are frequently carried out by the very people who are assigned to protect the person they assassinate.
Who watches the watchers?
In this case, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been tasked with watching the watchers…and the Secret Service has been tasked with watching the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
There have been reports that FBI has been penetrated by radical right-wing activists. We know that the Secret Service agents assigned to President-Elect Biden have been reassigned because they were known to have close ties to the Trump Organization.
The truth is that we really don’t know who to trust. We don’t know who is watching the people who are watching the watchers, nor do we know who is watching them.
If this sounds like “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” you are beginning to get the picture.