College Football–Ivies and the Lesser Conferences

          Of course, some time back when the Grand Daddy Rose Bowl pitted the Best of the East v. the Best of the West, when lads were leather-helmet tough, authentic and honorable football clubs, such as Columbia and Harvard, thrashed Pacific Coast clubs by overwhelming scores such as 7-0.             

     Since that time, lesser conferences, riff-raff such as “The Big Ten” (virility issues, hmmm?) play at Pasadena.

     Now, should anyone doubt that football clubs such as my University of Pennsylvania Fighting Quakers and the rest of the fearsome Ivies went to the Rose–sent shudders up the jiggly spines of the likes of Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Oregon…consider this– (the logic is unassailable):

     Ivies now, and for nearly four generations, play ten-games-and-out. Ivy footballers need no so-called ‘post-season’ to prove their worth. One cannot help but pity, if one has a drop of humanity, the lesser conferences.