The fantastic view from a Hospital Parking Garageee

A couple of months ago one of my friends from childhood was diagnosed with cancer.  For the last month he and I have been driving 90 miles round trip to the hospital so that he can receive radiation treatments and chemotherapy.   This is not about his cancer though, it’s about that magnificent VIEW from the top floor of the parking garage.

Little Traverse Bay is a Michigan landmark surrounded by still more Michigan landmarks in the form of some of the most exclusive and expensive real estate around.   Big name stars have homes in Harbor Springs and then there’s The Bay View Association between Petoskey and Harbor Springs.   There’s also Bay Harbor going the other way around the bay towards Charlevoix.   Out a couple of miles along Little Traverse Bay is Lake Michigan – home of beautiful islands, shipwrecks and a whole lot of water.

Sitting on the roof of the parking garage you can see most of the area for miles around.   And that view is absolutely beautiful.

The view from a hospital parking garage
Little Traverse Bay looking out to Lake Michigan

Little Traverse Bay looking towards Harbor Springs.

Honestly, that view makes going to Petoskey every afternoon “worth” the drive.   So too does the laughter and the conversation with an old friend make the drive “worth it”.   The cancer treatment sucks but the VIEW is really great “compensation” for the 30 or 40 minutes I sit there on the top of the parking garage while waiting for my friend to return from treatment.

All images taken by me.

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