Elon Musk is a Fraud (As If We Didn’t Know)

My son sent me this tidbit from a Twitter user named @capitolhunters who actually posted this tidbit on Twitter itself.

I have attempted to preserve the Twitter post by copying it off Twitter because I don’t think it will be there for very long. This is a capture of a capture so it is not high quality.

The post from @capitolhunters reports that Elon Musk has been misrepresenting his academic credentials as follows:

“Someone has to say it: Elon Musk has lied for 27 years about his credentials. He does not have a BS in Physics, or any technical field. Did not get into a PhD program. Dropped out in 1995 & was illegal. Later, investors quietly arranged a diploma – but not in science.”

Now, truth be told, many of the geeks who have built up today’s internet infrastructure were college drop-outs. I’m looking at you Bill Gates, and remembering Steve Jobs, but there are many others in the same category.

Geniuses have a hard time sitting in classrooms and writing meaningless papers, and Musk clearly falls into that category as well.

What Musk doesn’t have is the humility that can only be acquired by slaving away in the academic salt mines, an experience which forces you to learn how to question yourself…a skill that Musk appears to lack.

We’re all being amused as Musk stumbles around in the $44 billion fiasco he has created for himself. In all likelihood, Twitter will survive…as a pale initiation of itself. The Twitter heyday is over. It will no longer be viewed as a dependable outlet for those seeking attention and I, for one, will not miss it one little bit.

In case you can’t read the clipping in the featured image, I am adding it here.