For those of you who have trouble posting

I post from an IPad, which Alan actually says is difficult. I don’t find it difficult any more. This is how you do it.


Start the home page. Find the word Members and click on it. The second option going down the column is New Post. Click on that. Then put in a title and look at the right side of your page.

First is Tags. Either choose from their list or put in your own, as many as you want, separated by commas. Remember to hit the Add button.

Next down is the Checklist. Forget that, it’s automatic. Just after that you’ll see the Publish window. If you have a long post, hit Save Draft in the middle of it so you have it. Hitting Save Draft will not take you out of your window.

 You then get to Exerpt. I usually fill that in after I’ve written the post. You can put anything in there.

Next down is Featured Image. If you’re not using your own artwork or photos and you want to get an image off the Net, my suggestion is to save it to Photos because it’s easy to get from there. Hit Set Featured Image and go immediately to the upper left corner and hit Upload Files, then hit Select Files, then hit Photo Library. Pick whatever photo is in your photos to upload. Wait for it to upload, it sometimes takes about half a minute. Which buttons to hit when will be on prompts.

You then get to Categories. Choose one, and don’t make it Bindlesnitch, because those posts are about the site. This post will use Bindlesnitch because it is about the site. When you’ve finished writing and are ready to publish, a publish button (there may be more than one) is actually in the Checklist box.

That’s how you do it, at least from an IPad.

Don‘t ask me about setting your icon. My chosen icon only works if I’m not logged in and post as a guest. Then the system remembers it. If I’m logged in I can’t access it. That’s why you don’t normally see my blue Star of David superimposed on a peace sign. (In case you didn’t notice that that’s what it is, the Star of David is the kosher part, the peace sign is the salaam part. It’s actually completely representative of my screen name.)

Now I’ve got to go find a featured image. I guess for this one I’ll actually use my Icon, which is what I did for all my early posts. I can’t use it as an icon but I can as my featured image.

This started as part of an email to Rosigami.
OK, I just ran an experiment. If you go to Add Media when you publish or edit and choose a photo from your photos, you can add it without any other program.