I hear voices (and music)

Half woke one night to hear a voice in the bedroom saying NOBODY NOBODY NOBODY. Mildly freaked, but went back to sleep.

Next night same.

This time I woke up a bit more and decided it was the phone talking to me. Went back to sleep. (I don’t necessarily answer the damned phone.)

Mentioned on twitter and someone asked did I have a Panasonic? Actually yes. Well, when the battery gets low it announces LOW BATTERY LOW BATTERY LOW BATTERY. Which my dim (and sleepy) ears heard wrong.

(Yeah, bedroom set was off its charger…problem fixed.)

Okay, so last evening I was dozing on the sofa. Bad habit I suppose, but I go to sleep on the sofa with some mildly interesting program on (fills either the emptiness or the stills the monkey-chatter, both of which make it hard to get started) and under the influence of a gummy. Half-woke to a replay of Lawrence O’Donnell going on about trump, accompanied by 3-note organ drone. Weird, I said to myself – whose idea to put gloomy “music” behind talk shows. Then I woke up a bit more and decided that was nuts, so muted TV…and drone continued.

Traced it to my new desktop. I’d treated myself since my old desktop was a zombie with Mac somethings but a no-name system installed 5 years ago, and I anticipate sudden death with no resuscitation (either or both of us). Because it’s so slow to close and restart, I generally just put it to “sleep”. Did that with new one, and it was quiet to start with…but then, in the middle of the night, began, uh, snoring?

Okay, so am shutting it off at night now. It’s so fast it’s not annoying. (Tho I read on Google that sleep mode is good for it – does routine maintenance & stuff.) Unlike my kitchen laptop, which taxes my patience…but then, as an Apple helper on the phone said, it’s a “legacy model”. Yeah bud, so am I.

(P.S. – in case this organ music indicates A Problem, gonna consult with one of the very helpful Apple helpers – cuz also new desktop wants verification of some email a/c I don’t remember and I can’t change anything because it insists on sending a code by text to my landline…which, of course, says NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY.)