A new mass extinction…!

A new mass extinction has been discovered, wiping out life 233 million years ago, and leading to the rise of the dinosaurs

“Most everybody knows that the dinosaurs perished rapidly in a tumultuous extinction, caused by an asteroid strike about 66 million years ago.

But it looks like another extinction prior to the appearance of the dinosaurs paved the way for their long reign.

That extinction took place about 233 million years ago.

And scientists have only now discovered it.

The extinction took place during what’s called the Carnian Pluvial Episode (CPE).

Researchers have examined this period of time before, because they knew the climate changed abruptly then. The climate change was likely caused by copious volcanic activity that created Large Igneous Provinces (LIP).

But now a team of researchers have conducted a thorough review of geologic and paleontological evidence from that time and have concluded that a mass extinction took place.

The title of the new research is “Extinction and dawn of the modern world in the Carnian (Late Triassic).”…

The lead authors are Jacopo Dal Corso of the China University of Geosciences at Wuhan, and Mike Benton of the University of Bristol’s School of Earth Sciences. The new research is published in the journal Science Advances.

“So far, palaeontologists had identified five “big” mass extinctions in the past 500 million yeas of the history of life,” says Jacopo Dal Corso.”

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Most of us understand that there was a mass extinction event that terminated the reign of dinosaurs.

Who among us knew that there were at least five extinctions that set and reset the table for human beings to come into existence and ‘dominate’ life on the planet?

This information requires rethinking the notion of ecological dominance by humankind and acknowledgement of the idea that all that has transpired and all that may occur in the evolutionary chain of events that comprise the history of life on this planet is temporary, and by the measure of time and the universe, fleeting.