Next Stop: Andromeda

I just almost spent several hours attempting to understand the latest debate about black holes and whether Einstein was right or wrong about whether God plays dice with the Universe. Since Einstein actually co-wrote two papers, each taking one side of that debate, one begins to wonder when if and when we are going to stop funding this idiocy, the attempts to prove or disprove theories that have absolutely no practical application.

There’s one theory that black holes actually exist in pairs that there are connections between those black holes that create wormholes, the device that writers of science fiction (myself included) use to circumvent the uncomfortable fact that there is an effective speed limit of 186,000 miles per second beyond which nothing – not even light – can travel.

Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that wormholes do exist. How can we go through them, since going through them would require going THROUGH a black hole which dissolves all matter into its component sub-atomic particles? Before that, how could we ever get to that first black hole since, while there are black holes everywhere, there aren’t any in our neighborhood? It would take at least a few hundred if not a few thousand years to get to the first black hole…and we would have no idea where the other end of that wormhole might be, nor whether we would want to go there.

There are, however, supposedly sane scientists who are right now attempting to create miniature black right here on earth, which really doesn’t sound like a good idea. Let’s suppose they were able to create a stable black hole here on earth or somewhere nearby. (Mars would be a good idea. Especially if Elon Musk moves there.)

Now, if we were to do something this stupid to create black holes to create wormholes so that we could go out and explore the cosmos, here’s a third question: Who’s going to create the other black hole to complete the wormhole?

They have that one covered. There’s another theory – the holographic universe theory that posits there are two of everything so that when we create the first black hole the second black hole will automatically be created.

Eureka! We’ve found the key to the universe.

Spoiler Alert:

Not so fast. The same scientists who are doing all this theorizing have also theorized that, even though we are traveling from black hole to black hole through our newly created wormhole, we will not be able to go any faster than 186,000 miles per second because, apparently, the Einstein Speed Limit remains in force.

So, we are going to put out all this effort to create wormholes that won’t get us where we want to go if, indeed, there is anything out there worth going to.

Boy, am I glad I didn’t get sucked into that rabbit hole.