As to Ron Powell’s Post About BindleSnitch

This is in response to Ron’s post (immediately below; my thoughts follow). 

“Re conversational comment threads:

Please streamline or simplify the “comment” thread or comment stream in such a manner as to ensure the continuity of the sequence of comments and replies.

Too often, a ‘reply’ will precede the ‘comment’ that is being addressed…

The comments and replies should read like a conversation or dialogue.

As it is, the threads often read like a hodgepodge of disjointed statements.”


I’d want to know, too

a) what plans are underway to expand the active reader-writer membership?

b) what, precisely, is measured by the dashboard? I have written to owners several times about this and while they have responded to other queries, they have not replied to this one.

Whatever it measures, day-to-day, the trend-lines seem pretty consistently down and I’d do what I can to get this site moving consistently upward if I knew what ideas management had.

I believe others would, too.