Bindle Improvements: Instant Images and Stockpack

I’m not really sure about this, but I have installed two new plugins that everyone should pay attention to: Instant Images and Stockpack.

These WordPress plugins were created by using ChatGPT (but not by me!) and they enable you to immediately locate and use images to illustrate your articles by inserting a featured image, which is one of the most onerous of the many onerous requirements that our model imposes on users.

There is a significant amount of controversy concerning copyright infringements and intellectual property abuses, but I don’t actually know where these images are coming from.

It is up to you if you use them or not, but they will make posting (except for Rose, of course) much easier for those who aren’t really committed to imagery.

The featured image on this post was created by one or the other of these two plugins. I haven’t decided which one works better yet.

Check them out. Feedback requested.