Darnella Frazier

The George Floyd trial is beginning here in Minneapolis and it may be more on my mind than I was aware. I live about five miles south of the site of the trial and therefore, most of the protests around it. A few minutes ago I heard a police siren going for longer than just passing by time. Over and over again and it sounded like it was going south. I noticed, I wondered if something was happening – the settlement between the city and George Floyd’s family was just announced –  $27 million. It’s a record setting amount but it seems venal to approve of any amount in exchange for a man’s life. The family hasn’t commented as I type but Ben Crump, their lawyer is talking now.

Note that all demonstrations so far have been peaceful. I have no real reason to be worried. Not that much happened in my neighborhood in the June demonstrations, the local Walgreens was trashed and a gas station burned down.

I went to the local paper while checking out news sources for what might be happening and saw an article about the young woman who took the video of the murder.


She’s been mentioned here before and I thought an update might be of interest.

As it turns out, Ms. Frazier has not been in the news, has not received media attention by her own choice-“The high school senior has turned down all news media requests for an interview, ” –  and she has finally spoken on facebook. (I don’t want to link to it because it’s her facebook account and a bunch of linking seems intrusive. There is a link in the article if you really want it.)

She sounds like a remarkable young woman, intelligent and articulate for her age. Maybe even a little poetic: “I can’t go to sleep in silence, my mind will eat me alive,” she posted on Facebook at 4:17 a.m. Tuesday.

I’m not going to summarize her comments, the article is short, you can read it.

I checked on her GoFundMe – it’s healthy. Darnella Frazier will surely have her choice of colleges. As she should.