Ron Powell: Piano Man

Ron Powell has been a mainstay and our most prolific contributor at BindleSnitch since we opened for business but he has recently disappeared from our pages. Repeated attempts to connect with him via email have failed, leaving us all concerned about the 76-year-old retired law professor.

What we didn’t know about Ron was that he was a virtuoso pianist who plays what he calls dinnertime cocktail music at an Atlantic City casino.

We knew Rom from our Open Salon days, and know him as an insightful social critic and legal commentator. This article, from Atlantic City Weekly, describes a different Ron Powell, a classic, non-singing 1950s piano man.  The section about Ron begins below the first break.

Thanks to Suzanne, who found this article and forwarded to our attention.

We miss you, Ron. Things aren’t the same around here without you in the mix. Drop us a line or, better yet, an article or two.