A Gaggle of New Bird Paintings

I don’t see any new posts here on Bindle since mid-December. Crickets…
Alan, is the site still viable?

Today (January 19, 2024) is the first time I’ve had a chance to come see what’s been going on here.
Personally, the last 6 weeks or so have been overwhelming.
Art gallery administration stuff – about 60 hours a week, keeping things running and prepping for the annual juried art show- has sapped all my time and energy. Why do I do this to myself? When I figure that out, I’ll probably just resign as board prez and leave it to someone else.

Today I’m here to share a group of paintings- all small works of birds- that I started in September. The first 4 were done by early December; the last one was painted yesterday when I finally had room to breathe again.

The reference photos for these were either taken by me or with the permission of the photographer.
The reference for the American Goldfinch was shot by a local wildlife photographer, C. Griffis, who now owns the painting.
The Mountain Bluebird reference came from a high school classmate, Jim Botta (Farmingdale HS, class of ’73), an accomplished photographer of birds. We just had our 50th anniversary reunion on Long Island, and yes, I went. I think I travelled the farthest, coming from Washington State, of all who attended. It was wonderful.

Future bird paintings I’d like to do- Cedar Waxwing, a pair of Cardinals, a Steller’s Jay.
You know me- once I get into a series, I go for it!

All of these are 8″ x 10″ oil on board.

Featured image above: Mountain Bluebird (female)

Eastern Blue Jay
American Goldfinch
Northern Flicker
Western Tanager