Two More Birds

These two latest birds- a Steller’s Jay (featured image) and a Cedar Waxwing (below) – will bring my latest series of 8 bird portraits to a pause, at least for a little while. In total, the number of bird paintings I’ve made is about 25. It’s an interest of mine that will likely result in more when something catches my eye. I’d love to paint a Cardinal- or a pair- but since they don’t live where I do, I will have to rely on one of my East Coast photographer pals to let me use a photo as a reference.

About these two paintings:
“Ready to Fly”
The Steller’s Jay is a cousin of the more flamboyant Eastern Blue Jay, with a similar boisterous call and penchant for tormenting squirrels.

Cedar Waxwings can apparently be found all over the U.S, but I never saw one on long Island. I do see them here in Washington State. I have learned to recognize their lovely trilling call.

Both paintings are 8″ x 10″ oil on board.

Next up, I have a still life on the easel, the under-drawing complete and ready for the first application of paint- maybe even today.