A Couple More Birds and Some Pottery, too.

These two latest birds were painted because people asked for them.
One said, ” Have you ever painted a Bobwhite? I grew up hearing them but never got to see one in person.”
She was raised on the East Coast, as was I, but in a different state. I grew up hearing them on Long Island, and was lucky enough to spot one on occasion, scooting through the underbrush in the woods. These little quail are elusive but so charming.
That one will go to her at the end of this month.

The second painting was a request from someone who owns a few of my bird paintings, and was wondering if I could make him a painting of an American Robin. They are as ubiquitous here in the PNW as they are back East, and very welcome to see.

There is a third bird painting on my easel, a commission from one of my high school classmates, who wants his daughter’s photo of a white heron rendered in oils, as a surprise for her birthday. That’s been fun for me because of the surrounding Long Island landscape, as well as the beautiful white heron. (Pics will follow once it’s done)

In between painting, I’ve been making pottery stuff for an upcoming show scheduled for June at our gallery in Bremerton, Washington. It will be called “Earth and Water”, and will feature my friend Kate’s ethereal watercolor paintings and my sea-life-themed pottery pieces. Right now, all my pottery things are crammed into my painting studio, but the weather has shifted to Spring and I think it’s safe to bring it all back out to the pottery shed.