Good morning

This is the view out of my garage door this morning. This area looks pretty in snow. However, it lacks a certain………perspective.


So I took a few steps back.

Just in case there’s any ambiguity at all, that’s a yardstick.


There is no Weather category so being as these are photos, I settled on Art. It is not my intention to insult anyone by doing that.

When I came downstairs this morning, after my wife pointed out that there was a large mound of snow on the roof outside our second story bathroom window

I went downstairs and looked out my kitchen window onto the back deck, and that’s when I began to understand the magnitude of what I was looking at. 

That bump on the right outside the window is a gas grille. The snow on it is over my head height.

I wanted to let my dog into the front yard, but


so I dug her a path into the yard, but


The snow is powdery and light. It’s really easy to shovel but you can’t climb it, you’d just sink. Keep in mind that you’re looking at an 80-90 lb. Bernese Mountain Dog

whose name is Mabel.