Holy cow – I caused a riot

I didn’t advocate kicking kitties or pummelling puppies.

I merely said on local Facebook group that I’d cancelled a cleaning person upon asking her vax status and her saying it was negative, and now was looking for someone who was vaxxed.

I stopped reading and responding to comments early on. Was, in case of need of heightened blood pressure (I do tend to measure low), gonna read the latest comments eventually. Saved by the bell, or something. Whole post and thread was purged. Sounds like it was FB’s doing because notice read “violations of community standards” and “covid misinformation” – “post again only without mention of covid.” Hah! No thanks. May never post anything again.

What a zoo! Lectures, insults, stern admonitions on how I should lead my life… I thought this was a relatively sane town, yes with its crazies, but generally genial, but this covid thing has made everyone raving mad.

However, early on I got a PM from a vaxxed woman who’s coming tomorrow to clean my house of horrors.