One-Eyed & Euphoric

Back to being two-eyed tomorrow. Cataract surgery this morning. Was fretting about it for a while, finally asked for appointment, got date mid-December – then got offer of cancellation, eliminating a whole month of fretting…and then new appointment was suspended for several days because hospital was limiting patients (viral outbreak in that city). Then on Friday morning got the go-ahead. (Then a lot of hoo-haw trying to get the pre-op drops because fax didn’t go thru to pharm, and doc office closed Friday afternoon, but coordinator went in Sat morning and faxed for me again, and the pharm got it at noon and phoned me to hurry and get it cuz they close at one, whew.)

Dreaded the surgery because EYEBALL. Imagined lying there seeing knife descending and stabbing me in the (did I mention) EYEBALL… Never mind that duration was 7-10 minutes. But they give us an ativan, dozens of various drops, some of which cause eyeball to lose all feeling, eye is propped open, and on the table I saw only blurred light and colors, felt some slight vague something…and sure enough, 7 to 10 min. Slap a shield on it, wheel me down to the entrance, expel me. (No, actually, some recovery time, phoned my driver for me [daughter] and everyone was very nice.)

Home 3 hours after leaving, with 1/2 hr trip each way. Dozed. It had been unearthly early, and I’d had no coffee (so I could sneak away w.o. digestion & bladder noticing). Now it’s afternoon and I had a balanced meal of potato, soup and yogurt. And coffee.

Haven’t peaked yet…but I’m seeing out at the edges…there’s a translucent band across the middle of eye-shield, but vision seeps in (out?) at the edges. (I’d imagined a black-out of that eye for a day or so…but no…just a ‘band-aid’.)

Eye two in a couple weeks, if this one heals fine – virus permitting.