Lady in Red

A red I can really appreciate! (Okay, I did manipulate the photo a bit.) People told me that the cataract op would let me see more clearly and more brightly. Yesterday I peeked a bit. Today the shield is off (except for sleeping). I have some “stained glass” panels in the kitchen window. I picked them up because, well, “stained glass” (I have a porch full of colored bottles for the sun to shine through) even tho the purple in them was a kind of boring puce. But there has been a overnight miracle! – now those panes are a lovely soft lilac.

I noticed the kleenex the doc gave me this morning (after putting in yet more drops) had odd yellowish hi-lites. I checked with one eye and then the other. With the old eye, the kleenex is yellow; with the new eye, it’s blinding white.

At home I checked my yellow curtains in the living-room. Even yellow is yellower without the old yellow lens!

Good thing we’re into the rainy season here or the world would be garishly technicolor. (I’d have fainted in my gaudy flower garden.)

The sharpness of everything is almost painful to look at.

Wow. I had no idea.

Yesterday my daughter drove me to the hospital for 7 am and we were back at home by 9. This morning I had to go to the doc’s office, in a yet further city, for 1st check-up. Again, back by 9. But I didn’t want to ask my daughter to take another day off work and asked a friend. Friend is something of a skeptic, tho the virus is a subject we avoid as much as possible (like politics and various conspiracy crap), and I had to provide a mask for her. I protected myself as best I could – raincoat (it WAS raining…but I usually ignore that), double-mask, no-prescription-glasses, plastic gloves. HOPE I DON’T DIE!

Next week I will do the drive myself – in the dark, in the rain, an hour down the highway! (As I normally would – I was just a little timid about it today, new eye and all.)

I’m being an enthusiastic missionary for cataracts on an FB oldies list I’m on. Some nervous nellies. DO IT!