Where we are now

This past week’s number of COVID-19 deaths in America is roughly 20% of the total number of America’s COVID-19 deaths since the pandemic started. This past week’s number of COVID-19 deaths in America is roughly 1% of the number of COVID-19 deaths the world has seen so far.

The head of the CDC has said that we are likely to have more deaths in the US from COVID-19 every day for the next two months than we suffered on 9/11.

It’s life and death time. We have to stop this however we can and we have to survive this however we can.

I’m having a disagreement with another blogger on how seriously to take vaccines, whether it’s OK to avoid vaccines because vaccines have historically been used to lethal effect on his ethnic group.

I am not always viewed as respectful when I take that tack, particularly given a recent article about this phenomenon in the Washington Post.

Let me be completely clear where I stand on this:

I would rather be disrespectful to my friend than see him die.

I am not being overly dramatic. He is part of more than one high-risk population and, as previously stated, the overall risks are historically high.

I do not view the reverse position as more moral.

I do not view the reverse position as being more indicative of friendship.

There are times when dealing with lethal threats where my attitude toward identity politics is……..less than patient. That’s as gently as I can express myself here. Given what I believe on the matter, I’ve impressed myself by my ability to express my view that gently.

I will not respect a viewpoint that will pointlessly get people killed. This is not a question of self-preservation. I intend to get the damned vaccine as soon as it’s available to me. It will reduce my risk and the risk I pose to my family.

If you choose to view this through the lens of identity politics, make a case as to the feasibility and nature of the ethnic threat. If you can’t, you’re risking your life for your identity in a way that doesn’t preserve the group with whom you identify but instead increases its vulnerability.

I don’t care how many people want to avoid vaccines based on this reasoning. Saying that millions believe it is no more a compelling argument than saying that millions believe that Trump is a good President.

And I’d rather be disrespectful to all of them than see them die.