How to Create a Reference Link on BindleSnitch

One of the our deficiencies on BindleSnithc is that we don’t have the same cut and paste functionality that Facebook has. That’s the function that allows you to copy a URL from an article and paste it into a Facebook post to display that link in your post.

There are good reasons for doing this. You want to attract attention to an important article that states your position as well or better than you can, or was written by someone with a higher level of credibility than you have. (In my own case, that means almost everyone.)

You can do pretty much the same thing on BindleSnitch. Here’s how:

  • Open a New Post on BindleSnitch.
  • Name the Post accordingly.
  • Write a paragraph about the article you are going to insert. This can be positive or negative, but by reviewing the article you are exempt from any claim of plagiarism.
  • Switch to the article you want to insert into your post.
  • Copy the primary image from the post using the snipping tool, Just make sure that it is around 3 inches high on your screen and that it is wider than it is high (3 x 4 works) which is legal because you are in effect reviewing the article.
  • Switch back to BindleSnitch
  • Click on the ADD MEDIA button
  • Find the image you just created in the file manager
  • Insert the image into the article.
  • Highlight the image.
  • Go back to the tab where you left the article you want to cite.
  • Copy the URL for that article.
  • Switch back to BindleSnitch
  • Highlight the image in the article.
  • Click on the Hyperlink tool.
  • Insert the URL into the hyperlink tool and click the save arrow.
  • Complete the article by adding a category, a tag, and an excerpt, which can be the same as the lead paragraph of the post.
  • Hit the publish button and then check your work by clicking back to the BindleSnitch Home Page.

The Snag You Have to Watch Out for

The snag in this process is that you need two images, the featured image and the anchor image inside the article. Remember that you need two different images. You cannot use the same article twice.