BindleSnitch Membership Update

We have been evaluating how BindleSnitch is being used, and we are thinking about making some changes to the system in order to simplify things.

We have observed that Bindle is being used as a publishing platform, but it is not being used as a social media tool to communicate privately with each other.  The Profiles section, which is where the social media functions are found, isn’t being used.

We have also noted that the bonus categories have failed to generate any interest. It seems that it is enough to publish whatever you want to publish using the main menu choices as categories.

We are therefore considering the following changes:

  1.  The removal of the “bonus categories” menus
  2. Transfer of articles in the bonus categories to the ETC category (which is something you will have to do by revisiting the articles that you may have in the bonus categories  – Johnny and  Kosh each have one in fiction – the other categories are not even working for some reason so I can’t see if there is anything in them.
  3. We will also be removing the profiles item in the members memu. You can always reach your profile by clicking on your byline in any article and you can find anyone else’s profile by clicking on their byline.
  4. We are not going to remove the profile pages because we might want them back later.

So, the main difference will be that we are going to remove the bonus category menus and also remove the bonus categories as well.

The rationale behind this is that there is no good reason to hide art, fiction and poetry from the home page and put them into a section where they will probably never get read. Makes no sense. It was a bad idea from the outset, and I always had second thoughts about it.

I will wait until the end of this week for comments before we remove the bonus category menus.