All That Quiet

Hello, folks. Alan says he misses me, and I see that it’s been a pretty long while since I’ve been here.

I’m still painting, almost every day. Doing fun things with clay, too, when I don’t feel like painting. Thanks to the BLP, I have a pottery studio with TWO kilns- one is a gas-fired raku kiln outside the studio, the other is an old analog manual electric kiln inside. I can’t throw on my wheel for shit, so I am just working on hand-building stuff instead. I even took a class with an expert and goddammit I was the WORST one in the class. A huge blow to my ego but I am recovering.

Anyway this painting depicts a wall of mufflers/catalytic converters on the outside of a local repair shop. I’ve been looking at it for over a decade and finally got around to rendering it in paint.
I’m still teaching at the local college and running an art gallery in Bremerton.
I thought being 67 would slow me down. Not so far, though I sure feel it sometimes.