Flower Portraits

Since 2020, the quiet of COVID has given me a spectacular amount of time to paint. I finished 83 paintings in 2020, 61 in 2021. I’ve made over 70 paintings of flowers since 2020.
The flower paintings are essentially portraits. All are rendered in oil on board or canvas. They range in size from 10″ x 10″ to 36″ x 36″. Most are in full color, but two are monochromatic black and white.
I was going to try and create a composite image of all of them, but that would make it really hard to see them.
All of the following are dahlias, painted from flowers in my own garden or at the dahlia test garden at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, Washington. I think I’ve done more paintings of dahlias than any other kind of flower. Their intricacy and fabulous colors make them challenging in all the best ways.

Featured image: “Joy” 2021 (36″ x 36″, oil on canvas)
And here are two more of my most recent paintings.
“Dreaming of Summer” 2022 (16″ x 20″, oil on board)
“Smoke and Mirrors” (one of the monochromatic works) 2022 (24″ x 18″, oil on linen)