I’m Still Here!

Hello Bindlers, Snitchers, and Bindlesnitchers, wherever you may be,
I haven’t been here in a while, sorry. This time of year – December through February- becomes frantic for me, as several very time-consuming and energy-sucking things all come together. The annual juried show at the gallery, the end of one academic quarter (a horror show of terrible students), the onset of the next (so far looking more reasonable), and a daughter who suffered through a devastating car accident right after starting her First Real Adult Job.
Physically, she got through with a couple of bruised ribs, a minor concussion, and some badly banged-up knees. Car totaled. It was entirely the fault of the other UNINSURED car and driver. We still don’t know what recourse she will have legally but it’s on the list to look into when she gets the accident report etc.
Since she is on the East coast and I am on the West coast, it took some doing to get her through this with renting a car so she could go to work and shop for another car, then finding and purchasing one, and paying the robbers at that tow place $800 (what a racket!!!) to dispose of her old car.
But it all came together, with funding and other help from me and some family members. All I want is for this kid to get on her feet and go forward. She was finally getting there and this really knocked her for a loop.
I am in the midst of running things for the art show and not painting at all. I don’t have time to miss it. Well that’s not true, I DO miss it. When I have a spare hour, I throw some clay around and make dishes and bowls. I am in a pop-up show tonight with a table full of clay things.
I did get into the juried show at my gallery- it’s a blind process- with the painting of the mufflers- so that’s fun.

You can see the whole show if you’re at all interested, on YouTube. It’s about 9 minutes long.

(Yep, I am in charge of making all the gallery videos, too.)

I will back here again as soon as things quiet down. (I do sneak in and read posts when I have a minute)
My best regards to all of you here!