Is it Spring yet? No…but I can still paint it.

Spring births slowly here on the Puget Sound. and it takes its time. Usually, the coldest part of winter is pretty much over by early January, and is heralded by the blooming of the Fragrant Sweetbox bush by the front door, whose tiny flowers exude a gigantic jasmine-like scent that carries all over the yard. Temperatures climb into the high 40s and 50s during the day, without much wind, and even the rain is lovely and soft.

But it has been a chilly winter for the PNW this time around, and surprisingly reminiscent of the winters I remember on the East Coast. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but then I hate the cold so much that anything below 40° is agony for me.

The Sweetbox bloomed later than usual, but it got there. And the heather on our front hill is now teasing with faint pink and white buds moving slowly towards opening.

And the lambs! We live across the way from a farm, and watch the sheep, goats, and cows all year long. A sure herald of spring, the lambs have finally begun to arrive, in pairs, singles, and occasional triplets (those poor mamas!), already frolicking together, not too far from their mothers’ watchful eyes.

Spring will continue until the end of June, if things move as I hope. Into July, if not.

While I continue to wait for warmer temps, longer daylight, and the coming blooms, I have been amusing myself with looking through spring paintings I have done. These Merganser ducks are migratory and only spend part of the year with us in Port Orchard. In spring, they come to breed and raise their ducklings. I haven’t seen them yet this year.

“Cold Morning Swim”
Oil on board, 11″ x 14 “