Jonah’s Yorzeit, that time of year again

Today is the ninth anniversary of my kid’s death, so I went back and reread all my Tales of J posts. It’s interesting looking at them after all this time, especially the ones where I kept the threads.

At the time I thought I was writing just like I usually write, though people were telling me I was writing very differently. After all, I generally talk how I write, even the analytical stuff, though when I talk I don’t get to edit. So I was talking as usual and typing it. What’s the difference?

A lot, it turns out. Writing about feelings, which details I talked about, when I reread them I can see what people were talking about. What’s weird is how long it took me to see it.

The other thing I didn’t realize is how many of them there are. I think there’s some overlap in content but that may be my confusing posts with threads.

There are people here who were very supportive and I want to thank you. Oddly, that’s most of the people here. Not everyone here knew me then.

I just used it as a way to remember him. That and I see him and hear him a little just a couple of weeks before he died on video. He only talks at the beginning to count us off and the end to take us out. If you don’t understand the beginning, it’s because he was counting in Yiddish. This was a klezmer band. (Actually, it still kind of is.)