The Stars From Our Youth

For David Crosby

The stars from our youth
are heading toward the exits,
having lived their lives in the limelights,
shattering us with their insights,
pouring their words into our ears,
softening our hearts with their songs,
soothing our sorrows with their harmonies.

The singers who wrote the soundtracks
for the background music of our lives.
are now shuffling off the stages they sang from
leaving us bereft, bothered and bewildered,
as fading memories flash back into consciousness.

We smile through the tears,
remembering how we danced
in the aisles and on our seats
refusing to leave
until they turned up the house lights,
shattering the mood,
sending us out into the darkness
we  had come in from,
singing snippets of their lyrics
as we made our way back home again.