A dog bowl

My parents bought this bowl for our Airedale in I think the late sixties. She died in the late seventies, and the next dog in the family was an Akita puppy my wife and I bought in 1983, the year following our wedding. It’s been in close to constant use since and is now being used by dog #6.

Many years ago my brother in law saw the bowl and recognized the pottery maker – M. A. Hadley Pottery in Louisville, KY. I didn’t know it came from anywhere special.

The bowl hasn’t worn at all in half a century of use. The finish is still intact. I decided to look M.A.Hadley up on the net. The Hadleys are gone but they hired a guy soon after they opened  around the beginning of WW2 and the company is now owned and run by his great grandson. I went on their website and typed:


“I have an old piece from the late 1960’s/early 1970’s. It’s a dog bowl with the image of a bone inside and the words Our Dog on the outside. Curious about the history of the piece. What’s perhaps most surprising is that it’s been a working dog bowl most of the time since then, it still is, and it’s unchipped and unfaded. It’s still in, from what I can see, mint condition after approximately a half century of use.”

They replied:

”We still make those dog bowls today.”

Continuity is a wonderful thing.