More colorful than the drag queen

Well, drag princess maybe. One of the kids insisted s/he was a princess.

Events in town for pride month. Some nastiness on-line, and daughter and I were prepared for protesters – went more to support the local pride community than to hear kiddy stories – tho they were pretty good! However, no in-person protesters.

Daughter estimates a hundred attendees, quite a few of them kids. Fun, good vibes.

I lowered mask for the photo. Shirt is my-little-pony-Baphomet (sob, nobody noticed).

P.S. – I’m 5’4″ – the princess was TALL.

A local I’ve met on Twitter, tho not yet IRL, said afterwards he wished he’d known we were going – he wanted to, but was afraid on his own. Maybe because he was going to wear a skirt… He’d said once that he wears a skirt to go grocery shopping in the nearby city. I said: Cool – when I go shopping there I wear pants.