Rating McDonald’s Mobile App

When I’m broke or low on funds I look to McDonald’s to get over the hunger hump. If you have the mobile app the deals for meals are quite handy and helpful for those of us who must constantly be concerned with having enough money to get by…

I recently had occasion to rate the McDonald’s mobile app:

My comment on my rating of the McDonald’s mobile app:

“I had the app installed on my android phone… Tried to update as suggested… Update efforts failed… Now, the app wont reinstall… This isn’t the first time I’ve had issues with your app… Correct the issues or I’ll switch to Burger King…. What kind of overall rating do you think you deserve?”

To my surprise I got a reply:

Please contact the McDonald’s Global Mobile App Team at “1-877-334-4332 during our regular business hours (7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST) Monday through Saturday, and reference case #20735810.”

My followup communication:

“I called the number provided in your response to my comment. I thought that I would get some kind of tech help or support regarding my issue/problem.

What I got was a customer service woman who claimed to be located in ‘West Texas’.

I believe she’s located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean somewhere in the Philippines…

She tried to drag me through a perfunctory intake process that was designed to make me feel as though something is being done about my concerns.

When I insisted on being connected with someone with technical expertise, she became rude, crude, abusive, disrespectful, insulting, and indifferent.

Rather than listening to what I had to say, she continued to talk over and through my comments and requests.

She actually kept telling me to retrieve information from the Mobile App as I had to repeatedly tell her that I couldn’t upgrade or reinstall it.

A totally frustrating and annoying happenstance….”

I continued on as follows:

“I am a 75 year old retired teaching attorney and Air Force veteran.

More than 60 years ago, the very first corporate payroll job I held was the after school part time job I had at McDonald’s.

My loyalty to McDonald’s is borne of the nostalgia and reminiscences of times experienced more than a half a century ago when a full meal consisting of a burger, fries, and a shake cost less than a dollar.

The quality of the food, preparation, and service was more than superior to what you’re offering today.

Way back when there was only one ‘ golden arch’, the burgers were real beef and the shakes were real milk.

McDonald’s built it’s national name, reputation, and global success on the high quality of the food, service, and work ethic of thousands of youngsters, like me.

What McDonald’s offers today simply cannot compare or compete with what McDonald’s once was….

All that is left of the McDonald’s, to which I’ve remained loyal all this time, is the iconic ‘Golden Arches’ and the recognizable color scheme of the restaurant exteriors that perforate the landscape all over the world…”

Today I was able to reinstall the McDonald’s Mobile App…

I don’t know for sure if my comment made a difference, it does seems that way because, I also received an email inviting me to join the McDonald’s Customer Service Advisory Board…

I’m certain that it’s a marketing gimmick full of product surveys and service questionnaires all of which are designed make McDonald’s look a whole lot  better than it can possibly be…

They’ve gotten all the advice and input they’re ever going to get from me without the benefit of a salary and the freedom to tell the truth…

I know that it “ain’t gonna happen”.

Ray Kroc would never approve of selling the basic burger for 15 cents.