Global Warming anyone?

My friend asked me to go with her on a little road trip to view Lytton.

Lytton is the town that last weekend broke Canada’s heat record, and then some (120f). And then caught fire. 90% of it burned to a crisp – took about 15 min. Not a big place (pop 250), but…

Um. I’m polite. And she’s fragile. So I didn’t say the obvious. Instead: Well, would the highway even be open? What about fire hazard? She responded that trucks of supplies were on their way and the area beside the highway would have been already burned. Okay…but (quite truthfully) I’d just put in a couple hours in the garden, digging dirt and hauling rocks, and I needed water, lunch and a nap. Also sitting for hours in car not my thing. Not said: Well, never mind.

Meantime, we (my kids and I) are reviewing our escape plan: have ready a bug-out bag, cat-cage and cat, vital papers, computers. Car gassed up. Choose one of the roads towards Vancouver (definitely not the other direction, on the Highway to Hell through miles of flammable forest and very few habitations…even tho if we got to the other side of the mountains we had the offer of a place to stay in the Okanagan). This is a much bigger town, much more fire-fighting resources at hand…but we had over-100 temps for a few days and no rain, none in sight, so there’s a chance, even if slight. (We should be prepared anyway, as the Big One is overdue, flooding is possible and there’s the Hope Slide just up the road to remind us that the surrounding solid mountains aren’t all that solid.

And always a possible invasion of zombies…)

But a peaceful day in the garden. Temp reasonable, cool breeze, no smoke in the air… (P.S. – the Gulf of Mexico is on fire)