Lightning bugs

You might wonder what the featured image is. I didn’t have a still photo of my subject matter so, just for the hell of it, I included a photo of a porcupine I spotted on a neighbor’s lawn last winter. At least we think it’s a porcupine. It was bigger than a ground hog.

I walk my dog late every night, starting at maybe 11 PM. I walk out of my little dead end street, turn right, walk down the hill to the dead end just past the turnoff street, turn around and climb up past my street, according to the altimeter app on my phone 150-170’ climb, turn around in the cul de sac at the top, come most of the way down, turn right into my street, go home. The whole circuit is maybe a mile and a quarter.

There are a few places on the walk where there are woods, and I don’t mean like one yard’s worth, I mean considerably deeper than that. Sometimes we spot deer at night. Woods are pervasive enough locally that there are a lot of bear sightings. I saw one run full tilt between my garage and my neighbor’s.

This time of year the woods have vivid light up displays, like flickering constellations. It’s lightning bug season. Even in my own yard if I look up at the treetops I see this. Last year I tried to take video and did OK but that video doesn’t exactly do it justice. But a couple of night ago at the woods at the bottom of the hill I saw a really good display and took some video. I think you’d see more if I made the shot more wide angle. In any case, this gives you a bit of an idea. You’re probably better off looking at this in a dark environment. There were other displays as I climbed the hill but I think this is the best one.