Zoom adventure

A local woman hosts a women’s circle – used to be in person, back when, and currently on Zoom. She holds it every month on the new moon for members to keep in touch.

One day it occurred to me that I could do the same thing to get back in touch with friends back east – distance means nada on the internet. I used to do in-person full-moon ceremonies, so I decided to try doing one on Zoom. Contacted a few people.

My new moon friend had surprised us one time by apparently zooming from the pasture where she keeps her horses. [As an aside, no, she’s not a wealthy horsey person – she’s an impoverished horsey person.] Then in a flash she was back in her living-room. Zoom backgrounds! I poked around in Zoom and ordered a cheap green-screen from (mea culpa) Amazon. For a full moon, of course I wanted a black sky with moon. In practice session I put a scarf on my head to dim my image a little….and discovered that black cloth against black background made me disappear!

Fooled around a bit and then on the Zoom night my square on the screen showed just the full moon background…and then I brought up my disembodied hands and beckoned people into the “circle” and cupped the moon. Then revealed my disembodied floating head. Brought down the house.

The rest of the event went well and one of the invitees afterwards set up a full moon facebook group and at last word it had 18 people! (Of which some will immediately drop out and not all the others will show up at future events…but that’s still a screenful.)

Between that and working on my websites (having finished the tarot site, I’m now putting together one on chakras), I’ve been keeping out of mischief during quarantine time. (Or getting into it, whatever.)